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Advising Defined

The College of Engineering and Natural Sciences has an advising program where each student works in tandem with an academic advisor and a faculty advisor from his/her major. This integrated program helps each student meet his/her educational goals effectively and efficiently.


Role of the Academic Advisor

The College of Engineering and Natural Sciences has two professional academic advisors (Sharon Oster and Joyce Smith) located in Keplinger Hall, room M205. Your academic advisor will maintain records showing your progress towards your degree, assist you with enrollment each semester, answer academic questions and assist with planning for your graduation. Good advising occurs when students make their needs known. Your advisor is the first person you should see in your quest for assistance with academic questions.


Role of the Faculty Advisor

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor in the department of his/her major. Your faculty advisor will be assigned soon after the beginning of your first semester. Your faculty advisor can help with:

  1. Questions about academic regulations, signatures for adding or dropping courses, graduation requirements related to your major, or choice of a major at the University of Tulsa as well as opportunities for advanced studies, work experience and careers after graduation.
  2. Planing your course work for the next semester.
  3. Advice on academic problems you might encounter.

Role of the Student

  1. Know the degree requirements of the college and of your major.
  2. Be familiar with the academic regulations of the University as listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin and Student Handbook.
  3. Consult with your advisor each semester about your degree plan, career goals and get proper signatures for course enrollment.
  4. Follow registration procedures as listed under the Registration heading of this web site.
  5. Be familiar with the academic calendar for such information as drop/add deadlines, registration deadlines, and final exam schedules.
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